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Desc:A wonder of the World Wide Web.
Category:Science & Technology, Humor
Tags:vhs, DOS, Reddit, r/trees
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Comment count is 9
I don't get it.
The joke is that Reddit wasn't around in the 1980s. It is a parody of 1980s tech, using Reddit activity from today.


"CummingOnFigurines" is a great subreddit, but unfortunately, most of the others are crap.

For example, "DragonsFuckingCars" is a neat concept, but all the content there seems to be posted ironically, as a joke. Esoteric sexual fetishes are amusing, but not when nobody is taking the subject matter seriously. "PicsOfDeadPonies" is almost entirely devoid of content, and "ChokeABitch" has nothing to do with either choking or bitches; it's a subreddit about World of Tanks.
Yeah and don't even get started on /r/clopclop, it's people pretending to be sexually interested in cartoon ponies.

Or r/asexual, where bitter, unlovable nerds pretend to be uninterested in sex!

Truly, there is a subreddit for every kind of weirdo.

I won a Mortal Kombat baseball style cap over CompuServ. That's my story.
-1 because jesus fucking h christ learn to use a microphone. That was physically painful.
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