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Category:Stunts, Religious
Tags:Robot, retarded, Level
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Comment count is 6
Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2015-10-02
Poor thing. I bet she and her dad though this would go crazy viral with 6 figures off of this alone plus appearances on Ellen and The View.
infinite zest - 2015-10-02
Try not putting "retarded" in your title next time, dad. That's a sure sign of a bad father.

Hooker - 2015-10-02
The decision to put the word "retarded" in the title of the video of their daughter they are uploading onto the Internet for anyone to view is the part where he became a bad father. Also, the father uploaded this video for sure.

Gmork - 2015-10-03
Because he used the word "retarded" to mean something other than mentally handicapped? Are you for real?

Ugh - 2015-10-03
dont worry they can just change it to robot level: grumpy cat

CIWB - 2015-10-03
The war against using the word "retarded" is really retarded.

It's not a slur; they're actually not that bright. Whatever euphemism you come up with to replace "retarded", it's still going to have a negative connotation.

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