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Desc:damn you Toto, look what you nearly did!
Category:Arts, Crime
Tags:Africa, Gun Control, Patton Oswalt, toto, Lean Cuisine
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Comment count is 5
There's that joke about putting a suicide hotline number on individual servings of frozen food.
MacGyver Style Bomb
Been awhile since we've had a good theme week.
That guy
I hear the drums echoing tonight
"Africa" can make a trip to any store suicidally depressing. It is not a song that mixes well with dimly florescent lit capitalism.
infinite zest
I love this story but I think I might have Patton beat. I woke up at about 2AM this morning with the worst kind of hunger, and had nothing but hot sauces in my fridge. I was sick for a couple of days and basically starve a flu, so I walked up to the safeway like "yeah I'm gonna buy some groceries." Anyway halfway there I realized I left my debit card at home. And I had a choice to go back and I didn't, so I used the change in my pocket to buy a can of red beans in a semi-panic while Fairy Tale of New York was playing on the PA system. In fucking October. I didn't even heat them I just ate the fuckers right out of the can and went back to sleep.

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