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Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Aliens, alien, sigourney weaver, OH SWISH, alien resurrection
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Comment count is 14
Needs the "OH SWISH" tag.
The Mothership

She needs to be in a movie with Air Bud.



T H E T H I N G : G O E S T O C A M P

This film has not yet been rated.
No. What Sigourney did was just dumb luck. I mean, no offense to her, she's a great actress and all, but she has neither the skills nor the training to play high-level basketball, and she doesn't deserve to be on the same court with a true champion like Air Bud.

This would be a challenge for her, I agree, but don't you want her to have a shot at an Oscar?

Did I ever tell you my dream in life was to write romcoms? You have to break her character in easy, start Bud out with some serious star power.

An Alien Brood Mother (Bill Murray) and its Assimilation Lieutenant (Bud) find the perfect place to plant their larva, Camp Passage, an isolated Summer camp loaded with human children guarded by two extremely dysfunctional counselors, Bob and Ray (Kurt Russel, Sigourney Weaver), who are more intent on ruining their marriage, and as many childhoods as possible, than fight off an alien invasion. Hijinks ensue when the Brood Mother can't find a normal person to pretend to be, burning through the locals to try and get into the camp. Eventually, Bob, Ray, and the aliens sort out their marriage before the camp gets shut down, ruining everyone's plans. Of course, they save the camp, and it ends with Bob and Ray raising alien babies/puppies.

You'd watch it once, but you'd watch it. You might even watch the sequel with all the puppies : T H E T H I N G : B U D A G E D D O N, who may be starring Jennifer Aniston.

infinite zest
A lot of people (including myself) have given this movie shit, but it was also one of the first rated R movies I saw in theatres and my introduction to director Jeunet, and got me to check out Delicatessen and City of Lost Children, which were sort of my film nerd bibles back in high school. Can't really say the same thing about Scott, Cameron or Fincher..
I blame its terribleness on Joss Whedon.

infinite zest
Aw shit! I never knew he was involved. For the record I've never seen Firefly, will probably never see Avengers 2 so I can't really talk shit about a guy whose work I've never intentionally seen, but that kinda explains a lot.

Then again, Jeunet was kind of a strange choice in the first place.

Firefly was pretty good; it was the only non-shitty thing Whedon's been involved in, and coincidentally or not, it was also the most short-lived.

Go watch Firefly you dork

Binro the Heretic
It saddens me this came so close to being a good movie.

I would still rather watch this than "Aliens" or "Alien Cubed" though.
The Mothership
Yea, that's what got me about Alien Resurrection too; it was almost a good movie, it was so close.

Binro the Heretic
And it's so weird that it didn't quite work. It had all the right ingredients in the right combination.

It was like they made an excellent pizza, but cooked it just a fraction of a second too long so it looked fine but had a mildly burnt taste when you took a bite.

The making of doc is quite good. What I thought they did in cg was actually practical effects.

I like this movie, but it's kind of got the tone of a cartoon. An Aliens cartoon, though, so a good cartoon.

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