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Desc:worth watching
Category:Crime, Science & Technology
Tags:pipa, Khan Academy, SOPA
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Comment count is 9
If SOPA passes, I think there's about 5 videos in my submissions that would still be around.
I really hope this comes back to haunt any congressional supporters of this travesty.

Anyone who didn't see all the legal pitfalls doesn't deserve to write laws.
The Mothership
I knew what it was about but this made it even clearer.
You can stop piracy if you drain the ocean.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
But then Cena would be out of a job.

To ruin Cena's career, you'd only have to drain the coastal areas and inland waterways.

Also, seeing as the supporters of SOPA are overwhelmingly old media types that've done nothing but suffer at the hands of the internet, draining the ocean may well be the point.

No, you have to drain the entire ocean. Think about it. If you drain the coast, the limit of where you drain out to is now the new coast and the coast guard still have jobs.

Best to simply just blow up the planet. I'd rather that than the ugliness of every species dying of thirst at the same time.

Oh, it was a metaphor? nevermind then.

This is just another paragraph in the section "America : Destroyer of Earth" in future history books.
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