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Desc:Randomest thing ever. Though strangely compelling.
Tags:Alaska, meat, horsemeat, iditarod, much meat
Submitted:Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
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Comment count is 13
The Mothership
That's a lot of meat. My family of 4 couldn't eat that much meat in a year.
That guy
You should thaw it out, lay out those slabs, and cut them into long thing strips. Make it real easy for them to crunch it up.

infinite zest
Yeah really. I know it's not exactly a short distance, but I remember when they used to host the Ironman in Madison and for the most part I'd just see them munching on a powerbar or something, and that's about half the distance of the Iditarod.

I wonder if they still do the Urban Iditarod. It was basically a pub crawl but it always looked like fun.

The Mothership
That Guy, that is a great comment. you win the internet today.

IZ, can you think of one important difference between the ironman and Iditarod?

I mean, there are several very important differences, but even one should partially explain things

infinite zest
The doggies and the weather for one, but that's still so much more food than what's needed for a 500 mile hike

That guy
IZ's a lot easier to follow if you remember that he's sometimes high as fuck. He saw Iditarod and talked Ironman triathalon.

Wanted to.

i'll sum it up for you;

humans are pretty much the most efficient mammals on the planet when it comes to traveling on land.

dogs, not as much

dogs are towing supplies and a humon and a sled

dogs are towing supplies and a humon and a sled through snow

its very cold and they don't wear clothes or shoes

That guy
You forgot to mention that SLED DOGS LOVE TO PULL.

I hope that's free-range, organic meat. And would it kill this redneck barbarian to include some kale?!
I got yer giant meat collection hangin
Killer Joe
Needs more sled dogs that are totally fucking stoked.
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