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Desc:As if dead shrimp aren't horrifying enough.
Category:Pets & Animals, Horror
Tags:WTF Japan
Submitted:Binro the Heretic
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Comment count is 28
didn't know japan was responsible for the horrors of chino hills, CA
Actually moving to the area for a couple months of training courses...think I'll give it a shot.
infinite zest
Ew gross. The last time I remember being really sick was in California after I ate at sushi place. This is coming from a vegan perspective, but I don't really see the difference between eating something raw that's alive or dead. It's still going to go in your human mouth and die.

if you had bad sushi in Cali you could have just gone to any of the other 30 sushi places in 10 mile radius of anywhere in California.

I personally have never gotten ill from sushi other than overeating.

I think the difference is where and how the thing died. I prefer not to induce extra suffering for my own benefit...but then again, most shrimp die a horrible death anyhow, but then again - again, they are water bugs and have very primitive nervous systems and brains

Yeah, pretty much. I think the difference maybe comes between enjoying food for the sake of the food vs. enjoying the suffering of another creature.

I remember there was one Survivor episode my mom was watching where the challenge was to kill a pig or something like that and I was just deeply offended that this innocent creature had to die for the entertainment of the TV audience.

It's fine to say you eat what you kill, but the point is humans enjoy killing innocent creatures for their entertainment. It's a lot faster and cheaper to just drive down to the Safeway. Anyone who says they are hunting to eat is full of shit unless they literally live on top of a mountain and have no money and are hunting with sticks and rocks. So don't make bullshit excuses, you like killing innocent creatures because that's what you like doing.

I don't consider myself to be any more ethical than those people. Animals die in fear and pain in factories to become meat for my table, and I turn them into all sorts of tasty and enjoyable dishes.

Vegetarians are way more ethical, until they get into their jeep and drive to the cabin to go waterskiing.

infinite zest
Yeah I don't have a problem with others eating meat, and I usually stuff myself full of Avocado Rolls and such once a week at a Kaiten, or Carousel, Sushi place by my house. Like I said below, I have a problem with something like sharks, even though it's completely legal, because it's pretty much the same as cutting off a piece of a cow you want and putting it back into the pasture.

Speaking of Sushi, I think the trailer's on here at least, but Jiro Dreams of Sushi is actually one of my favorite documentaries, even though it's called out by veggies as basically a fish snuff film, which in a way it is. There's a certain respect and love for the fish that is captured in it being cut open alive that makes me in turn respect others' dietary choices.

I wish I was a veggie with a waterski and a boat though, but right now I'm saving up for new wheels for my bike :(

Jiro never did live fish far as I remember...he specifically said that fresh fish actually makes bad sushi and that he liked to age the fish first

Also, should I go to this place and eat the raw shrimp?

infinite zest
Maybe I should watch it again, I was pretty stoned when I saw it.. maybe it was the shots at the market they get it from.

And I'd say go for it! I'd do it too actually. Carnivores are always weirded out when I say that I'd try guinea pig if I went to Peru, but that's what you do when in Rome or Peru! I actually had a Cricket Roll not too long ago, which is literally a cricket roll. It looks like the guy is surfing on the top.

How are crickets? I want to try bugs but don't know any places that serve them.

You can get crickets or cricket flour. If you are allergic to seafood like shrimp then you are probably allergic to crickets too. I tried a few cricket dishes, one was brownies made with cricket flour (they tasted like brownies) and one was a salsa with mangoes and crickets. They kind of taste a little nutty but otherwise not really all that identifiable. I would totally use them in a stir-fry or curry if I knew I was the only one eating it or if the other person(s) eating it wouldn't be weirded out.

Chino Hills FUN FACT;

It smells like manure everywhere you go

Binro the Heretic
So why do many Asian cultures insist on eating things that are still kicking? There seem to be all sorts of far Eastern dishes that involve giving the diner still-beating hearts, heads gasping for breath and twitching tentacles.

Is it just a novelty thing and not that widespread? Is it concern over the freshness of the meat? Are some of them just sadistic assholes?
infinite zest
Oops per my above comment our comments overlapped: yeah there's some fucked up shit over in Asia via South America that goes way beyond this, like the things you mentioned and things like the popularity of sharks fins, where they catch the shark, cut off the fin and throw it back into the ocean to die because the rest of the creature is worthless.

infinite zest
But as far as sushi goes it's usually a matter of minutes between when the fish is good and bad, so I don't see the big difference, as long as it's dead.

Some cultures it's freshness...others it's some form of 'suffering makes it taste better'. Also some places it's just a novelty or proving how badass you are.

A lot of wasteful practices like shark fins are just based on folk remedy superstitions

To be fair, there's a fair amount of Western dishes that could involve a corresponding reaction of "what horrendous cruelty" to someone outside the culture just as easily. Veal is one example. I don't think it's necessarily specific to one geographic region or one group of cultures. Cruelty and meat eating go hand in hand.

Like Meerkat said, if we truly killed to eat a whooooooole lot of us would be vegetarians real fucking quick. It's a pretty gruesome process that mass industrialization of food processing and relative wealth of our country has been able to separate us from.

And I say that as a meat eater. I couldn't kill a cow or a pig or a sheep and slaughter it for food. What do you do with the bowels?

Binro the Heretic
...Hot dogs?

True life story that further makes my point: my dad's whole family were fishermen. All my uncles and even my dad for a while growing up were shrimpers and commercial fishermen.

The smell of death is something I forever associate with fish. I cannot eat any seafood to this day. Shrimp, oysters, fish, anything. Can't fucking do it. The smell of it is the smell of death to me.

LOL. I forgot about hot dogs. D'oh!

infinite zest
Veal's a good example, but at least as far as I know the veal is treated very well, as with anything else that's free range. My grandpa-in-law had a little free-range farm so I've cut off many the head of chickens even though I didn't want to eat them later. But I was also a butcher at a deli for a little bit so I guess I don't over-analyze it. Eat what you like. It won't make me shit, but I don't see the difference between this and picking out a lobster to be dumped into a boiling pot of water.. in fact if I knew where this restaurant was I'd probably order this and take these guys home with me.

I could care less if I ever ate beef again, but If chicken became unavailable, I would raise and kill them myself. I cannot live without fried chicken, and I'm willing to get blood on my hands for it.

infinite zest
Have you tried or heard of Beyond Meat? I haven't because it's still pretty pricy, but just recently the former CEO of McDonalds joined the BoD. Apparently it's like a Pepsi challenge: people can't tell which is a Hamburger and a Beyond Meat burger, so maybe we'll be eating fried chicken again soon, cuz fuck I miss eating Chicken McNuggets in the car, vs. the hassles of going to Whole Foods and paying triple for the same thing that I have to head up at home..

Some people are shocked by eating still moving animals where I live - Korea. Koreans I talk to don't enjoy suffering with it, I think the point is that it's fresh. It's not in preservatives, processed, or killed a week before served.
I posted a video a few years back of a Chinese cooking show where shefs prepared live foods, one of which was a fish that had its body fried in old while the head was kept out of the oil and thus 'alive.'

That's all I got to say.
Original link is dead. Here's the video. Speed cooking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzbbbhuh5KQ

Well, that was fucking horrifying.

These stars are for you!

"shefs" btw. Jesus.
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