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Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:Water Bottle, donald trump, trump, Marco Rubio, dark side of comedy week
Submitted:Spit Spingola
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Shanghai Tippytap
at first i was amazed that so many republicans were ok with being talked down to like this

then i realized that it just makes trump seem on their level
Why, Chris Christie, why? I can think of no politically advantageous reason.
You really can't? Like trying to get a spot as VP or other top position if trump wins?

Fair point.

I see no politically feasible advantageous reason. Compared to what he has/had, gambling on a Trump presidency seems absurd, like letting it all ride on plaid.

See the whole bridgegate thing.
Christie is a spiteful man.

Jack Dalton
I'm not surprised at all--Christie apparently has connections to Trump...but that's not the whole story. Christie is pretty much a shunned figure among the Republican national leadership, not only because he was seen as "too moderate" (hugging Obama), but because before he started to pander to the base, he was the political RINO people feared. He has had his scandals, but he is an adept politician, and the hatchet job he did against Rubio before New Hampshire (when the narrative had shifted for Rubio to become the presumptive nominee) destroyed the momentum of the only candidate the Republican establishment thought had any shot of securing the nomination...it was really that significant, and Chris Christie sealed his fate at that point. Now Christie is throwing his hat in with the Republican who has the best shot of winning AND reciprocating the favor. Christie is Trump with political savvy and experience...Donald Trump basically gives Christie the permission to be the alpha-male asshole he has had to suppress for the national stage... I think you know where this is going (VP).

Christie is backing Trump, but he sold his donor list to Rubio.
BTW, Rubio would make a horrible president, because a few years ago he looked silly on TV and it involved a bottle of water.

Oscar Wildcat
I came here to write what Jack Dalton has wrote, so what more is there to scribe?

That's my point. The entire Republican party is a scam against the rich at this state, but Christie was an actual politician. There is no Republican establishment, it has disintegrated. He was the last one with an actual anchor in politics.

It's like he decided to stop being a real politician to just go and pretend to be one. He enervated his own career.

If he is not there to fuck up Trump's candidacy, he is no longer doing anything political, and this is some kind of sad fat man freefall.

he's politically DOA in new jersey, his national political reputation is in tatters, and he rejected rubio's attempts at a endorsement - this is his best shot, as terrible as an option as it may be, to keep something resembling a career in politics up in the air

Binro the Heretic
Yeah, this shit ain't funny anymore.
I am cherishing the total destruction of the GOP while at the same time fearing a legitimate UKIP-style proto-fascist uprising. What a wonderful time to be alive!

That guy
I assume this is based on Rubio spilling a little water on someone once?
Based on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19ZxJVnM5Gs

It's not even a proper comedic reference, it's just LOOK HERE IS A BOTTLE OF WATER WHILE I SHOUT HIS NAME. It's parody on the level of a ______ Movie joke, which is probably why it lands with the audience.

Yeah, other than involving a bottled water, the two are nothing alike. This is dumb, even by Trump standards. On the other hand, Rubio tried to call out Trump for spelling the word "choker" correctly.

Correction: Trump misspelled it, Rubio spelled it correctly while reading the tweet.

yay Dark side of Comedy week!
Amazing preload
I love this man. He has my vote.
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