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Desc:Three terrible action films with Neo-Nazis, ATLANTIS and dinky remote-controlled killbots.
Category:General Station, Humor
Tags:baboon, blinky, red letter media, best of the worst
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Comment count is 7
Fun episode, but they lose a bit of film buff cred by neglecting to spot that Tiny Lister is in Wired to Kill (can't believe they don't mention it even once) or that Michele Soavi is in Raiders of Atlantis.
They look more like each other every day.
I'd normally give 3 stars for RLM as they do a really lousy job at highlighting what makes these bad films fun to watch but will give the full five for the films they chose to watch this time around. Order of the Black Eagle isn't the only Duncan Jax film out there as there is also "UNMASKING THE IDOL" which is just as awful if not worse.

Right out the jump you get the most ridiculous and awful bond style opening along with a hilarious theme song:

I just had to submit this one partly because it's the first BotW episode where I have previously seen all three of the movies featured.

Spit Spingola
RIP that poor stuntman who got his head run over. Laughing at him puts laughing at Exploding Varmints in perspective.

They really should have had the tank run over the decapitated head of the VHS tape they destroyed.
Art Newkirk's zombie corpse went on to do stunts on Last of the Mohicans, while the exploded varmints went on to star in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Caminante Nocturno
Usually I agree with their choice of movie to destroy, but this time I think they made a mistake.
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