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Desc:Faggot week continues. Faggotry begins at 0:49.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Belgium, Faggot, dick, bidet, class war
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il fiore bel
1:40 Don't leave me hanging about dick now!
I remember my parents watching this when I was a child and leaving cause it looked so boring. I had no idea Masterpiece Theater indulged in such crude humor.

I just watched the whole series earlier this year, and it's actually really good. Excellent writing (adapting, I suppose one could call it), great acting from pretty much all of the recurring cast, and particularly the titular star, great production values, everything.

Five stars, as this scene came after 5 seasons of Poirot and Jap (yes, that got some getting used to) having an excellent (but strictly) professional relationship and starting to become more chummy as they each approached retirement, so it didn't just spring out of nowhere in episode three.

Two Jar Slave
Does anyone not know that this is a great series? Surely the high quality of Poirot, like BEDMAS, is known to all.

My mom watched every single imported british detective show that ever existed and I have fond memories of this. I did a poirot impression in my youth that was a hit at the grup parties.

The Mothership
class war tag.
Is this about class or culture? It seems more cultural.

The Mothership
Both I think, good point.

I just want to know if that mustache is real
Suchet has become the definitive Poirot, no other actor has come close, but then no other actor has starred in a complete adaption of the Poirot series. But still...you know.
Two Jar Slave
I for one look forward to the Poirot reboot, in which the fussy Belgian is shown to be lousy with autism and a master of parkour

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