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Desc:3 days, 110 °F weather, 100 arrests, 35 OD's, 1 associated murder, million lost. -Wikipedia
Tags:80s, cocaine, festival, Pat Benatar, Steve Wozniak
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Comment count is 8
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Even so, Wall of Voodoo really rocked out.
He could afford it.
Pat Nebatar
Oscar Wildcat
Pat Nembutal

I'm glad Steve Wozniak is still with us, seeing as Apple hit it big at the height of cocaine and Woz clearly liked to party.
Gang of Four
The Ramones
The English Beat
Oingo Boingo
The B-52's
Talking Heads
The Police

Ok I could lose the Police but wow, nice lineup.
Binro the Heretic
Hey, The Police get a bad rap these days, but give them some credit. They slipped some incredibly dark songs on the air by disguising them with a cheerful reggae beat.

They should have put the Dead on that day, too.

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