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Desc:I'm sorry to keep posting these but they are just too good
Category:Arts, Humor
Tags:norm macdonald, thats entertainment, Bill Hader
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Comment count is 13
You forgot to post a trigger warning. Some of Norm's political or religious views may not be correct and that could lessen the enjoyment of his comedy for those more sensitive.
That's true. It's the current year. People wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of history.

That guy
His science views aren't real hot, either.

Well it's a good thing he hosts a comedy podcast and not a science podcast. I don't really understand why anyone would get hung up on that.

"WAAAAAHHHH!!! Why can't we say "nigger" and "cunt" like in the good old days!"

I can't tell if Enjoy is being passive aggressive or aggressively passive.

That guy
jeez, you just did, Anax

Monkey Napoleon
Anybody who doesn't want me to say "cunt", either referring to a person or a vagina, is objectively wrong and can go straight to hell.

That guy
You're seriously approaching SolRo levels of straw man arguments, Anax. Give it a buttfucking rest.

I can't get enough of Norm. Which is a complete turnaround from when I remember him on SNL and hating him then. Also, great to see Hader as well. He's been a recent favorite of mine in comedy.
I'll never get Norm's brand of humor. I've been listening to his jokes my entire life and I still haven't laughed.

2deep4me I guess.
Jack Dalton
Never apologize for posting these-- I am fiving it without watching the episode... and last week's podcast was maybe my favorite episode of Norm MacDonald live. Although I think it's hard to beat the Gilbert Gottfried or Larry King episodes.
That guy
I went and watched the Fartface sketch. The sketch bombs because all three performances suck.
End of motherfucking story.
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