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Desc:Just another trans, bikini, moonshine seminar.
Category:Educational, General Station
Tags:gender, Moonshine, sour mash, stiff drink, cis privilege
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Comment count is 15
wtf japan
The heart of poetv is still beating.
Oscar Wildcat
This cries out for backstory. Urbanelf?

Maggot Brain
From the doobly-doo on her youtube page.

*** Man Made American Babe ***

Life as a tranny girl is not always easy, but it doesn't mean it can't be fun! I do redneck stuff, from making my own whiskey, to repairin' crap, shootin guns, and chillin out with my friends on trips. Yeah, we get our drunk on so you never know what you'll see! Please subscribe and enjoy my multiple daily up-loads. Thanks!

She also lives somewhere up in Northern California, which was settled by people from the American south and is still very is redneck in parts. See Creedence Clearwater Revival for more info.


Her doobly-doo lists a Santa Rosa mailing address, which is about an hour North of San Francisco if there's no traffic. I lived near there for over ten years, but unfortunately I can't offer any more info than that.

the heart of poetv deserves a beating

She's great.
Oscar, I don't know. I was mining YouTube for spice when I came across this. I copied the URL and ran for the hills.
Can I send my kids to this academy?
Spaceman Africa
Indeed. I like seeing uninhibited people doing their thing. It reminds me that there's no need to be too concerned about what others think.

I needed this.
This video made me proud to be an american.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
That's a man, baby.
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