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Desc:Proof that you can't gentrify all the local charm out of NYC.
Category:Humor, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:New York City, local culture, big dreams, if you can make it here you can make it anywhere
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infinite zest
In 2000 I got accepted to NYU and Fordham and went to NYC even though I knew I wanted Madison Wisconsin. I guess it was a good opportunity to visit my brother in New Haven too but I didn't because it was fucking snowing in practically May, which took the cabbies by storm because I guess they put away their winter gear or something. Driver's basically skiing at times and in the confusion thought I said "Fordham" and "University." No. Fordham University is on Fordham St, not University Ave. So I was, I dunno 2 miles away from the University in the middle of the Bronx in a snowstorm. Where I'm from gets a snow dump or 2 once every decade or so, so I fucking loved it. Just kicking snow around, listening to Poison Idea and hoping I given the right direction to walk in. Anyway, it was incredibly peaceful. And it's not that I was naive: I was an 18 year-old white kid walking around looking lost in one of the most dangerous parts of a dangerous borough; the fucking former head honcho of a Bronx Precinct was their security guy. But on that day I FELL IN LOVE! The silence of the snowflakes landing on buildings taller than any I'd ever seen, and here I was, too. A unique snowflakes in a city of.. of.. fucking WONDER!!! Love you NYC!

Next day the snow was gone. Missed subway and NYU tour. Got chewed out by a cabbie for waiting in such a bad neighborhood all the way back in JFK. stepped in a condom filled with feces on the other subway. Fuck you NYC.
Carmen San Diego isn't supposed to announce her location.

the fantasy of new york meets the reality of new york.
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