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Category:Classic Movies, Science & Technology
Tags:Hackers, crash override, zerocool
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Comment count is 13
All this movie needed was some funny emails to admins with viruses hidden in attachments
The Mothership
Hack the planet!
infinite zest
Recycle yr Garbage pH1Lez

I think what's most impressive isn't the virus' full-video interface or the gibson's 3D virtual reality file explorer that works through a 28.8 baud modem. It's the fact that the bad guys don't need labels on all their single-function keys.
I love that the VR file explorer is mostly practical effects and miniatures rather than CGI.

So much of it is obviously etched plexiglass with edge lighting and basic CGI text overlays.

Forgot the stars. This movie always earns them.

Less so in this scene actually, but starting at 1:12 specifically, that's a bunch of plexiglass.

These guys were amateurs. Didn't even make a GUI interface through the SCSI port using C++.
The 2 X-Files episodes written by Gibson were even sillier than this.
I love this movie.
The Mothership
I should hope so! I always assumed your username was named after Lord Nikon. Please confirm.

I'm an amateur photographer and use an old refurbished DSLR.
Nikon made it.

This movie and Point Break have almost perfect movie story structures.
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