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Desc:Two utterly kookoo legends of the ring meet at an autograph signing, Sheik flips out, slaps people.
Category:Sports, Business
Tags:wrestling, ultimate warrior, iron sheik, jim hellwig, destructicity
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Comment count is 7
Not shown: Warrior refuses to shake Sheik's hand, which is how this whole thing got started.
Ex-wrestlers should never wear Birkenstocks.
Man, Iron Shiek is the best. +1 for only giving your own submission four stars.
I'd give anything for the next wrestlemainia main event to be Sheik vs. Warrior. Sheik WILL humble!
Is it just me, or does the Sheik sound like Stromboli?
murph the surf
Ultimate Agitator
It's a rare day indeed when Jim Hellwig comes across as the sane one.
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