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stanleypain - 2007-05-18

This still fucking cracks me up so bad....

Adramelech - 2007-05-18

Peer Pressure is too amazing for words.

bizzaro - 2007-05-18

-3 for a bunch of gay moving dudes.

bob_loblaw - 2007-05-18

It's even better when they keep going once they're off the thing

teethsalad - 2007-05-18


arjay - 2007-05-18

Yiff the ottoman!

CuteLucca - 2007-05-18

That was grandma's ottoman :(

sudan no1 - 2007-05-19

I can never make it all the way through this video, it's just too much sexy.

Urburos - 2007-05-19

Uh, I think they took too much X, because the vid is THIS close to a circlejerk.

Feyd - 2007-05-20

Superlative chorography.

Erix - 2007-06-25

this is one brushed thigh away from becoming a blowjob festival

BorrowedSolution - 2010-04-29

That isn't how you have sex. At all.

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