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Desc:A great vlogger
Category:General Station
Tags:iamtheend1000, IAmTheEnd, uhh
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Comment count is 10
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
He looks like a regular person got one of those photoshop transforms done on them to make him trapezoidal. Eg. His head goes from large jowls to a small cranium. From what I saw, the rest of him seems to follow the same trend.
The fact that he wears a pointy hat to further accentuate this is amazing!
Maggot Brain
I think I was in a band with guy.
I think he was my Sandwich Artist. Too much mayo, every damn time.

uhhhhhhhyeah...another shirtless vlog.
All I remember about this guy was he once made a vlog bitching about why no one showed up to a Q&A session he wanted to hold at a fast food place that he had announced, like, 20 minutes prior.
Ha, forgot all about this guy, is he still at it?
Doesn't seem to be. His blog and channels are down, seems to only be mirrors left.

He's been off and on active on this channel:

I never found him interesting enough to follow on, like, a Nick Bravo level or anything, but a cursory glance at internet information is that he is quasi-homeless, mostly living at a shelter, and apparently has attempted to make the claims that his old iamtheend1000 videos were some kind of Kaufman-esque trolling attempt (because apparently getting busted jacking off in the library and a McDonald's parking lot is trolling *us*, see...we got SOCIALLY ENGINEERED).

This guy always made me so sad...

@stanley Good hunting. To be honest, I never found this guy that compelling, just gross-looking.

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