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Desc:First they take Christ from Christmas, now theyre trying to take away our hallowed school shootings
Tags:us, game, tradition, school shooting, Mass Shooting
Submitted:Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
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Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Thoughts and prayers y'all.

So it seems they didnt bother to write an AI for the shooter, its seemingly setup like a multiplayer game and someone must roleplay the shooter...

Purps prediction for 2018:
This game leaks instanty to the net and becomes the next 'Who’s Your Daddy' for streamers.
infinite zest
thoughts and players

Next up: USA Movie Theater Simulator 2019
Jennifer Coolidge trains teachers with vidja gaymes.
I wondered why American teachers were so much better at throwing birds at pigs about five years ago

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
I actually have made two games on contract for a company whose selling an 'teach the entire curriculum through vidya gamez' thing to US schools.
Heres the last one.

I'm not following that link unless it's a pumpkin head guy who wants french fries.

Chumbucket, my first thought was that she was deliberately trying very hard to look like the woman from SVU.

Maggot Brain
Oh, so it's okay when a Doctor makes a game like this but when 10th grade me makes the same game on new grounds my teacher calls it "deeply troubling."
How I long for simpler times when kids (not me I swear*) just got in trouble for drawing cartoons of a guy with dick a for a nose all over my notebooks in 6th grade.

*they even sent a notice to my parents about it, which was too funny to be more than moderately degrading.

Yes I know that's a bit from that movie Superbad, but it's also the truth. In my day I was that kid who drew dicks on everything, it's just that in my case they were also noses.

Great. Next time I want to shoot up a school, I'll practice with this first.
I can't wait for it to be leaked and modded.
MacGyver Style Bomb
JFK Reloaded all over again.

hell, I know I'd play it.

It's weird that they would present this with all the shooter POV.
Press F to Pay Respects.
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
One would think a "get shot by your sister's asshole boyfriend" or "get shot by your crazy spouse" or even "get shot by your dealer" would be a more useful videogame, but instead someone thought that this was necessary.
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