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Desc:Whole bundle of crazy. Best watched by jumping around. The whole channel is gold.
Category:News & Politics, Fashion
Tags:seattle, dreadlocks, Gangstalking, Lonna, Deep State
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Man, this is one heck of a find.
There's over 300 more videos on her channel. Best I can tell, her kid was taken away by Child Protective Services for obvious reasons and she's constructed a narrative in which the police are running a pedophile ring that her kid was kidnapped by. The police continue to harass her by giving her tickets when she drives 65 in 35 mph zones as part of a conspiracy to keep her from holding down a job.

For years and years there was a woman basically exactly like this on public access here. Basically her daughter had her child taken away for CPS reasons (which might have been bullshit, I don't know) but she had a weekly show for nearly 20 years where she literally just rambled for 2 hours about how it was all part of a government conspiracy to steal children for use in some shadowy project (even though the kid was just put with a foster family) and she ran for office and was a constant figure in local politics and council meetings. I think she's dead now, but this girl in these videos is really giving those vibes.

she's great, and unfortunately probably a future ex-jangwife
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