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Desc:Teens have moved on from eating tide pods to snorting condoms.
Category:News & Politics, Stunts
Tags:, local news, moral panic, Teenage Dumbassery
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Comment count is 11
just the desc made me LOL, thanks! :D
Yeah, those pizza makers are pretty irresponsible. Here's some looped clips of kids hurting themselves for attention.
The talking head man makes sure to describe the kids as snorting UNWRAPPED condoms. Yeah, duh, old man. Who snorts wrapped condoms anymore? Pffft.
Just incase there are any cranky old people here, there's no evidence this is a real thing outside of a couple video from 2013 that were re-uploaded to capitalize on the local news freaking out.
The Mothership
"Oh look, you're surprised, really?"
Well they have to use them for something since you've so totally terrified them into abject terrified Puritanism thanks to your abstinence based education.
I used to know a hippie type of guy who was in to yoga back in the 80s and 0s, he did this with cloth soaked in saltwater a few times a month for years with now trouble, just like R. Crumb's brother.

Anyway, stars for the "hot coil challenge" because I'm sure there's a real epidemic of kids putting their hands on hot stoves on purpose.

Also the claim that there were restaurants selling food made out of tide pods.
Jimmy Labatt
Truly the Jenkem of 2018
Mister Yuck
The best way to stop kids from doing something stupid is to put their YouTube videos on TV.
Local news: your watchdog for everything viral on social media sites.
Perhaps this is the hacker 4chan's doing?

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