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bakune young - 2006-03-28

This should really be eight stars.

athodyd - 2006-03-28

It only loses a star because even hilarious eye trauma gets to me

Caminante - 2006-03-28

Those are the best reactions to being hurt ever.

sosage - 2006-03-28

It's Cynthia Rothrock movie. How could I not rate it 5 stars?!?

Alex - 2006-03-28

yeah... seeya.

Stopheles - 2006-03-28

Two bad end-of-fight puns in a row. Flawless victory.

Jimmy Labatt - 2006-03-28

An astounding piece of cinema

Frostilicus - 2006-03-29

Don't piss off David Byrne

King Prawn - 2006-03-29

So buff

Consuela - 2006-03-31

Mark Linn-Baker is the evil "Doctor Worksoutalot".

Astounder - 2006-04-01

My God, the grunting.

OxygenThief - 2006-04-03

Halfway through I really wanted them to kiss. Just a little one.

SharoKham - 2006-04-03

I agree with Athodyd, but bonus points for the big, stupid Gil Hibben-y knife.

stanleypain - 2006-04-22

OSHA needs to see this place.

Herr Matthias - 2006-04-22

I like where the good guy gets punched in the face in slow-motion, then patiently waits for another

keinsignal - 2006-04-23


Mayberry Pancakes - 2006-04-25

Even though eye gouging squicks me out beyond all belief it's just too funny

romancingtrain - 2006-04-27

Their reactions make me feel GREAT!

boner - 2006-05-03


dead_cat - 2006-05-14

It's the same punch-sounds being used over and over again that does it for me.

sudan no1 - 2006-05-24

needs more slow mo facial reaction shots

deadlydeathcone - 2006-05-31

This is just magical

TheSnake - 2006-06-06

This is the worst thing I've ever seen, hence the best.

granitescam - 2006-06-12

He totally snatched a chunk out of that guy's shirt, absolutely amazing!

Concerned Citizen - 2006-07-01

I think this is Steven Speilberg's best film.

Meatsack Jones - 2006-07-01

01:24-Obviously our hero goes into v-fib and the villan precordial thumps him to save his life. ;)

Baby Finster - 2006-07-01

I heard that David Mamet ghost-wrote the dialogue.

B_Ko - 2006-07-06

I saw that exact same knife at a pawn shop the other day.

Ed-thulhu - 2006-07-06

And before you could say "homo-erotic subtext", a hideous act of eye violence! Top!

RockBolt - 2006-09-28

My shirt got knocked off! It did, I swear!

kingofthenothing - 2006-10-25

I loved that whole 'thank you sir may I have another!' moment.

Inferno - 2006-11-17

I dont know how the film crew kept from laughing on the set.

JimL2 - 2007-01-28

I believe that this is how every action movie looks to most women

Camonk - 2007-02-07

That's amazing--I've seen both the bad guy's knife and the good guy's haircut at every Renfaire!

glenn - 2007-03-06

This movie probably has an equally awesome love scene. AAH! UNH! RRRR! AAAH!

fulakarp - 2010-07-16

um well, it's more like a rape scene :-\

doc duodenum - 2007-04-01

The bad guy doesn't know when he's being fake-punched.

The Hater - 2007-04-05

The knife and the badguy-on-a-hook are obviously inspired by the movie "Cobra"

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2007-04-29

If Dragonball Z was a live action movie, it would look like this.

Endoris - 2008-08-05

Eight hours of screaming and gurgling? Sounds awesome.

Wintermute - 2007-05-04

voted "best"

Namor - 2007-08-17

A review of the film, for anyone interested. Verdict is that it's an great bad movie.

http://www.terriblemovies.com/reviews/xml/standardbrowser.php? x=undefeatable.xml

Cameron - 2007-08-22


Cameron - 2007-08-22

One more thing, watch from about 1:48 until he head butts the guy, you can see the good guy grab his own head, must have been a blooper and he really hurt himself, and a star is born.

Sean Robinson - 2007-09-29

Good dude has not an expression of anger, or fear, or disgust, but of disappointment. Right at the beginning, when the bad guy likes the knife, the hero shakes his head - a shake that says, "Fair's fair buddy, but where I come from people show a little more sense when they've got bloody knives in their hands."

commandocucumber - 2008-10-09

words fail me...

i guess i'll have to grunt instead.

lucienpsinger - 2008-11-13

Oh my god. A Cynthia Rothrock movie directed by Godfrey Ho. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.

Wytze! - 2009-01-14

Why is the scientist man so angry?

JaguarX - 2009-04-18

Where's the random coin flip to decide this match? Anyone see the coin guy with the sun glasses and the bad haircut.?

Wombles - 2009-05-18

I imagine them filming these, and the meathead actors feeling weird about it, but the director is cheering them on "This is gold, boys! You're on the fast track to now-town!"

zeuspopsicles - 2009-08-11

from the sounds of it, these guys are made out of something very large and hollow.

and i love the "excuse me, I seem to have a vicious muscle cramp" moment of pause good-guy takes when one-armed chick comes in to give him a breather.

5 stars for "seeya".

MongoMcMichael - 2009-08-28

Fuck Maddox: this clip is the alphabet of manliness.

fulakarp - 2010-07-16

i just saw this movie yesterday and it is every bit as magic as it seems.

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