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Desc:Baby Gramps is 80 and 80 billion shades of awesome. Also, the throat sings.
Category:Music Videos
Tags:Letterman, throat singing, Baby gramps
Submitted:Syd Midnight
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Syd Midnight
He's this crazy old guy who's been playing guitar since the 30's. He does a lot of great folk/country/sea chantey stuff. Also he has a voice like Popeye.. hyper-Tom-Waits levels of ruggedness.. a voice so grizzled that he can throat sing.

Baby Gramps is a hidden musical treasure.
I want to buy this man a drink. His throat is a didgeridoo!
That kicked so much ass that you don't even know.
You don't forget a man like that.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I'm a huge rockabilly/folk music fan. This just makes my day to discover this man.
So awesome.
Syd Midnight
Years later.. I'm going to break a personal vow and, for the first time, rate my own video. I was looking for Baby Gramps info and found that it's tough because he's a total technophobe and won't have anything to do with computers, telephones, etc.

Even more, he first hit the scene as a crusty old bastard in 197 fucking 3, so he's old as sin even if he was faking it, and he probably wasn't. He is GRIZZLED. Google him and find his radio appearances where he riffs on palindromes for a half hour, he's also very witty.

I've wondered how an old sailing ship could function, it seems sailor working songs is the key, and a guy like Baby Gramps could get any ship sailing. This makes me wish I was pulling ropes on some clipper ship. Baby Gramps sings for Narwhal Hunters crew in PoE Heaven.
Well, shit. Time to go buy an album. Thanks for this.
Two...don't forget about Akron/Family, they're terrific.

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