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Artist:Alanis Morissette
Desc:It's ironic that none of the things she mentions is actually ironic. LOL. 90's video week limps on.
Category:Music Videos, Alternative Progressive Indie Art
Tags:90s, 1996, irony, alanis morissette, 90s Video Week
Submitted:helicopter cats
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Comment count is 17
Yeah but is it ironic that none of the things she mentions are ironic yet the song is titled ironic anyway?
To quote Sabrina Matthews, the lesbian comic: "A 'black fly in your Chardonnay' is not ironic; it's just unfortunate. And now that you've made about a billion dollars, why don't you go buy yourself a dictionary."

Meatsack Jones
I have a very fine memory associated with this song by pure accident, so I have to give it 5 stars.

Ok, I'll admit that I like Alanis. Her "best of" is all you need though.
"Isn't a series of bummers....don't you think?"

You just killed 90's Music Week.

A moronic abomination.
I should note that the only reason this song appeals to me is because it reminds me of 7th grade; but I was really depressed and confused back then, so 'appeal' isn't the word I should be using.
Fuck this woman. And not in the good way either.
Operation Cornflakes
This is the type of pretentious shit that defined the 90s.
When I was five, I didn't know what "ironic" meant either. And I would run through the house singing this song. Five for nostalgia, not quality.
Actually, some of the anecdotal lines are proper examples of irony. Just not all of them.
Pfft. Fuck y'all. I'd still make sweet canadian love to you, Alanis.
This song is great.
Re: that vocal thing she does during the "bridge" part at about -2:03---why didn't Liz Frasier just show up at the studio and kick her ass for that?

Not that great.
Great song.
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