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Desc:This is unbelievably brilliant
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:apocalypse now, eek, sharky
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Comment count is 15
MindGeyser - 2007-09-30
For the first show I've seen that let the main character be happy with a fat girlfriend.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2007-09-30
You must be reading my mind because I was going to look for Eek stuff to submit today.

tamago - 2007-09-30
Five stars for the Dennis Hopper cat alone.

Hell, the whole damn thing really is brilliant.
oswaldtheluckyrabbit - 2007-09-30
That's Dan Castallaneta doing his voice, too.

tamago - 2007-10-06
I'm gonna need more stars.

Caminante Nocturno - 2007-09-30
Just as awesome as the first time I saw it, if not more so.

This show has one of the best theme songs in Saturday morning cartoon history.
garcet71283 - 2007-09-30
"He never ran away or grumbled like a method actor again."

oswaldtheluckyrabbit - 2007-09-30
+5000 for the Harrison Ford dog
Stopheles - 2007-09-30
I'm ashamed that I didn't think to look of Eek clips the moment I learned of Youtube.
a flaming monkey - 2007-09-30
Eek deserves nothing less than 5. All the time. Every time.
cognitivedissonance - 2007-09-30
"We have reason to believe *cough* he's being worshipped by a pack of dogs who worship him like a.... demidog."

Hooper_X - 2007-10-01
+5 for giving the TMNT voice actor the exposition about sewer creatures mutated by toxic waste.
sliggy - 2007-10-01
Add this episode to the extensive list of things on Eek! The Cat that I did not understand while watching it as a kid. However, the writers always managed to make it funny for little kids who didn't recognize the references they were making.
poopskin - 2007-10-01
I was eight when this show was on; I saw Apocalypse Now years later. It's weird how our generation had childrens' cartoons that made so many references to things we were too young at the time to understand, only to appreciate them that much more a decade and a half later.
athodyd - 2007-10-01
it never hurts to help!
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