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Desc:A string of Balki's trademark, hilarious line.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Balki, Perfect Strangers, bronson pinchot, Ridiculous, unfunny
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Comment count is 12
Are you havin' a laff?
I couldn't watch more than a minute of this. Yikes. And I think thye were all from the same episode.
Yeah, I didn't get very far myself.

It could be fun if it were edited extremely tightly
bang to buck ratio
seven minutes long what the fuck
I appreciate the concept, but....yeesh.

also hilarious needs to be in quotes.

wow I wish all shows had such funny catch loins.
what would be a really funny show is if david carusso would take off his sunglasses and say something like "I guess he didn't just fall down, he fell... dead." or whatever he says, and then just have that intercut with balki going "don't be ridiculoss." that would be funny. because that is combining things that don't belong together while at the same time referencing the internet practice of combining all the things together into one long stream of related things. then you could put homer going doh at the end which would make it self-referential but somewhat more heavy handed. or you could just do this:

People: Why are you giving 3 and 4 stars to videos you don't like? I would eat at a restaurant rated 3 stars by the New York Times in a heartbeat.... it seems like a video needs to be rated 4.99999999 to be any good on poetv. Can we please restore some sanity to the rating system here?


Yes, ratings are a very serious issue.

I hate this video

Rodents of Unusual Size
I lasted 30 seconds. I consider this to be hardcore.

Also if this were a realistic show, then Balki would have gotten in a lot more fights with Turks.

There are so few shows I want totally burned from my memory and this is at the top of the list.
You love it.

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