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Desc:The inevitable collision between pornography and Toho monster movies.
Tags:Giantess, Godzilla Lady, Production Value
Submitted:bakune young
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Comment count is 13
its enough to make me want to convert
Rodents of Unusual Size
She looks like she's trying to not crack up through almost all of this.
K Clobber
The description caused me to expect . . . I don't know. Something better.
Midnight Man
It's always great to picture the other side of this

"Your city! Is becoming! Rubble!"


She does not look like friend to all children.
This would have been +a-million-bajillion if she retracted her arms, legs, and head, started spinning, and flew away, though.

Well for what it's worth, this is the hottest video of "fetish week" so far.
is it a good thing or a bad thing that attractive people do this as well as the typical backlog of fatties? i mean, when all i saw in the weird category were mutants, it kinda made sense. now, i don't know who to trust.
I seriously find this quite erotic.
No, you find her boobs erotica. You probably find the smashing of the fake city to be either funny or stupid.

Is it me or does she seem a little embarrassed to be doing that?

I think she's just glad she's not in the quicksand.

Doctor Arcane
I guess that's one way to get your acting career off the ground.
This fetish looks like healthy fun.
Although the skybox is a bit shitty.
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