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Desc:A little slash fan-fiction version.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:duck tales, fan fiction, SFW Fetish Week, Sniped From The Hopper Week, fatal farm
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Comment count is 21
I'd post the mangled Dutch transliteration of this song, but I'm too busy fapping.
Hugo Gorilla
Sniped from the Hopper week.
Herr Matthias
-1 for sniping from the hopper, -2 for sucking
Caminante Nocturno
THIS IS ALREADY... This is already in the hopper.

With 13 votes!

What the HELL?!?
The hopper action + the haters = poetv not as much fun as it was a year ago.
Caminante Nocturno
I'm afraid that I have to agree.

Calamity Jon
It kind of sucks that everything essentially has to pass *two* rounds of voting.

Also, what the hell WAS this?

absolutely right, snothouse. i blame the open registration and the breakdown of witty commentary. still, better than most filter sites.

I'm a bouncer.

Dinky Patterson
The Hopper should be programmed so that any video that gets +10 votes automatically makes it to the front page.

Whoever determines on the *second* round of voting after seven days can decide on the videos that get less than 10 votes.

I think the breakdown of witty commentary happened when the text length of the comments was increased.

Agreed with Dinky. Also, I'd like to see comment pages in the hopper.

Mea culpa. The freaking dupe checker needs to look at the hopper as well though.
This is a good point. Chet, if you could do this, it would cut down on Hopper dupes quite a bit.

That said, this still isn't very funny. The old "HAY GUYS LET'S FUCK UP DISNEY CHARACTERS" joke has been old since Air Pirates came along 30 years ago.

Calamity Jon
It DOES check the hopper, don't it? When I submit a group of similarly themed videos, it calls up the previous similarly tagged submissions ...

Rodents of Unusual Size
I just wanted to say I voted this up for the same reason I did that Balto Limp Biskit 911 tribute...it just seems a step or five past insane. DUCK RAPE WOO OOO
Pie Boy

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