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Desc:Almost exactly 18 years ago, these commercials were on TV.
Category:Advertisements, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Simpsons, christmas, 80s, nostalgia, cell phones
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I love it
Comment count is 31
I know we all like to gripe about how the boomers won't shut up about the 60s, but jesus our generation is going to be a hundred times worse.
Yeah, but we're nostalgic about dumb cartoons and old video games, not some war protest that got way out of hand. The grandkids are going to love our brand of nostalgia.

Going to be worse? There's a "Hey remember how awesome last week was?" show for crying out loud.

Caminante Nocturno
The only reason we're going to be worse is because we had to grow up with the baby boomers never shutting up about their youths while being complete hypocrites about it.

First, we're not as many as the boomers and seconds we won't be as busy sucking earth's ressource dry and telling our children generation how they suck. The worse we'll be able to do is fight in the ranks of Lord Humongous.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious

Whites only, apparently.

doc duodenum
What is the phone number for black people?

That was a different commercial. Really. I'm going to lean towards it being called the "Soul Line".

Cell phones were just better when they needed to be carried around in a backpack and used three 4.5 Volt batteries.
You might think that the Tango and Cash ad was from a better time when the concept of two mismatched cops was still new. But you'd be wrong. That concept was never new.
The hair. Super Mario 2. The CELL PHONES. We've come so far and yet...
bakune young
oh boy, its commercials
Dinky Patterson
The only commercial I remember is the one for Schweppes.
"It appears you're still a rich man, your grace."

Someone get George Baily's brother to do a toast.

Beck's Beer, drink it constantly.
Buy this perfume, it's cheap.

Did anyone else notice how much commercials have changed, except car ads? It's strange.

Yeah, that did kind of throw me too.

sloth love crunk
Sophisticated, feminine, urbane. A walking cartoon perfume bottle.
doc duodenum
I wanted a Game Boy so badly that Christmas. I just hate that fucking holiday.
Commercials all changed once they developed the technology to put CGI mouths on animals to make them look like they're talking.
Aubrey McFate
That Apple Cinnamon Cheerios commercial is so fucking in-your-face that I can't believe it.
Caminante Nocturno
It must be difficult trying to find new ways for people in your commercials to be irritating.
The narrator-talking-to-the-actor advertisement is a dead art form. :(
Did that talking perfume bottle just appeal to my sense of prowess in bed?
Menudo con queso
Levi's 501: Authentic jeans for the whitest jazz scene you'll ever be a part of.
Married With Children/Sam Kinison FTW!

Something about The Simpsons being called "America's funniest NEW family!" gets me weepy inside.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I hated those cereal people so goddamn much. Why can't my life be that fun when I eat cereal! Screw you, and your inner Cheerienlightenment!

Also the fad of rich, British or snobby sounding men in smoking jackets has gone the way of the dodo.
I miss Sam Kinison. I also miss apple cinnamon cheerios.
Hmm... considering that the original SIMPSONS Christmas special didn't have the usual SIMPSONS theme, was that featured sponsor roll at the beginning the first time most people watching this station would have heard the soon-to-be-iconic Danny Elfman SIMPSONS theme?
Oh man I loved Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. I guess they still make them, too. You can buy them on Amazon.
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