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Desc:Patton Oswalt describes KFC's most popular item (warning: strong language)
Tags:food, KFC, Patton Oswalt, failure pile
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Comment count is 21
This guy is either gay or has a wife to cook for him. I cook everything and throw it all together in a bowl most of the time because it's just faster and easier.
you sound dumb.


It would be even easier with a trough.

Gays hate fried food!

Hah hah, I hear you man. Cooking separate dishes is for ladies and fags. Sometimes I put a sandwich in a blender cause I can't be assed to eat that whole thing.

Maggot Brain
Five stars of that comment alone.

Rodents of Unusual Size
You all need to discover the wonder of a bento box.

doc duodenum
I just throw everything on the floor and let the dog eat the leftovers.

Dr Dim
LOL, check out little Lucy Cooks-a-Lot here.

My bitches make my food, if they know what's good for them. A real man doesn't even set foot in the kitchen unless there's beer in that fridge, am I right?

he's so fat!
The dude loves his food. He also loves it to not suck.

Ratatoullie would have been even better had they let Oswald talk uncensored.
He sounds so defeated. I think he's done this particular bit too many times and hates it. It brings the paycheck, so he does it again and againandagainand
It's a pretty recent bit, actually. But I think Patton does get bored of his routines pretty quickly; he changes them more frequently than a lot of other comics I've seen.

When the one dude does the Arsenio hall "woo woo woo" thing, I can imagine Patton dying inside a little bit.

The belabored sadness behind him voicing this bit, reminds me of the last two years Steve Martin had to repeat "Excuuuuuse me!", and then pause with contempt at the laughter it brings.

Just watch the Conan routine. http://poetv.com/video.php?vid=19159

oh my god exactly. holy shit I can't even rate this because it gets negative stars for how awful it is compared to the original, but it is so amazingly depressing that it also deserves a shitload of stars

He forgot the cheddar cheese on top of the gravy. That's the cherry on top of that gastrointestinal horror.
hah! a fat guy mocking fatter guys. COMEDY!
that's how the world works, mantits.

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