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Desc:The works of the masters, performed on the cello
Category:Arts, Humor
Tags:final countdown, europe, headbanging, cello, cello solo
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Comment count is 16
This is Apocalyptica, right?
These guys have talent but I'm sure they could have found a better piece to explore and put to use their skills. It's not a particularly difficult composition.
They must be SO SERIOUS!

No fun allowed!

Listen to their Metallica or Sepratura covers.


You are right again mouser. I would recommend Sister Christian, with two contra-alto cellos on the chorus, and perchance a riveting da capo performed entirely by flapping Isaiah Berlin monographs against a lecturn.

Good musicians only ever play the most complicated piece they can manage.


The Man Who Cares
That does it! I've HAD IT with these cellos!
Six flavors of awesome!
Genghis the gerbil
I'm a sucker for that cheesy 80s classics, and I'm a sucker for orchestras.
So this doesn't count as a music video? I've got just the thing to submit in that case...
The shrimp has to wear a tuxedo when he runs on the treadmill to this one.
The implications for Gob's cell phone are similarly staggering. Also I like how the title implies that the song is through with cellos, like as a general concept, all waving them away dismissively.

A Jumping Spider!
I was kinda hoping Done With Cellos was the band name or something.
I prefer the original, these guys look like school kids.
They made that shit sound really good.
The God of Biscuits
The kid on the left had his glasses fall off in the middle
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