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Desc:Scientists use natural selection to create freakishly huge bulls
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:Cow, muscle, semen, artificial vagina, sperm analyzer
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Comment count is 18
5 stars for artificial insemination footage
I like how visibly terrified he is of it in contrast to how apathetic it is. The thing is too inbred to care much.

"Durr, I like alfalfa."
Frank Rizzo
bulls, the bouncer of the cow world.

strong, big and imbred to the point of boobery.


5-starred for this comment. And for shaved, rippling ass muscles.

I myself noticed the shaved, rippling cow ass. I felt dirty.

Frank Rizzo
theres a semen tag. Im scared...

Did you know bull semen is not aloud on Greyhound buses?
Rabid Vegan
Is bull semen an asilent on the busses, then?

Rodents of Unusual Size
That's because semen is so low key.

They brush over this fact in the video, but these bulls were primarily created as a safety measure to counter the threat of ligers. Now the world can rest easy once again... until researchers make the bulliger.

"When you say double-muscled do you mean it has two of every muscle?"
"No, nonononono."
So what do you do for a living?

Oh, I jerk off extraordinarily muscular bulls.
Sarstedt represent!
Fur is Murder
That thing is gonna be a big hit with the furries.
He was a sperm machine
He kept his motor clean
He was the freakiest bull that I ever seen

Dude, French guy: This is not natural selection. There is nothing natural about a freakmeat bull. Although it does look delicious.
Douglas Adams spins in his grave.

Sure it is, we are naturally selecting delicious mounds of pre-dead beef.

You could get a million goddamn hamburgers out of one of these. Mmmmm... ass-meat.
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