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Desc:Tom Selleck vs. Gene Simons' heat seaking bullets and robot spiders. Co-starring Kristie Alley's bra
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:runaway, Magnum P.I., Gene Simons, Tom Sellek, Kristie Alley
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Comment count is 16
The movie would probably be sexier if they didn't show Kristie Alley in her bra.
Caminante Nocturno
I have no problems whatsoever commenting on how handsome Tom Selleck is, and neither should you.
Yeah, but Daniel Day Lewis makes a better Tom Selleck than Tom Selleck ever did.

Seeing this as a youth, Runaway's peek into the "near future" had me convinced pistols that could fire heat-seeking anti-personel rounds were going to be a reality at most by 1999. Or 2000.
That would be KIRSTIE Alley. Really.


I must have seen this movie at least a dozen times when Starz was a new channel and they only played this and "Logan's Run".
Except Logan's Run is infinitely better than that.

Adham Nu'man
In the future... EVERYONE will have really bad haircuts.
I own this movie, on VHS
In the future, ergonomic design is thrown completely out the window.
I liked this movie
Same here... Gene Simmons made for a great bad guy.

Watched this when I was five. I still remember checking thoroughly for mechanical spiders under the covers for a while after that.
Jeff Fries
I can't believe I have seen this movie
Now this, this is the shit I will five-star forever.
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