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Desc:I think this is adorable, really :3
Category:Classic Movies, Crime
Tags:Quentin Tarantino, grindhouse, Death Proof, Sam Jackson Pimp Laughing
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Comment count is 12
Quentin talking about and adoring someone else is blowing my mind.
I thought for a moment that the "SL Jackson pimp laughs" were really just impressions of the laughing toy in Blade Runner
Is this a good movie? I want this to be good.
The Death Proof portion is a good movie.

Monkey Napoleon
This is a question answered effectively by another question:

Do you think extended dialogues are Tarantino's strong suit?

Call me crazy, but the 80% of the movie that consisted soley of inane jilted dialogue ruined the other 20% for me.

It's ok, but would've been much better if the first half was cut by, say, half.

Sort of like this clip.

Adham Nu'man
I wanted to like this movie so much. However, it unfortunately sucks.

However, Kurt Russell is amazing in it and all his scenes are great.

whats up with his breathing
Syd Midnight
He does cocaine! Seriously man. A lot of cocaine.

At some point, I don't know when, he turned into Madame the puppet.
Ouch. Good eye.

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