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Desc:Bidi, bidi, bweoop!
Category:Video Games
Tags:megaman, vocaloid
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Comment count is 28
A bit long, but still amazing.

I wish someone would vocalize the theme song from Megaman 2, though.
And by that, you mean the Heat Man and Flash Man stages, no?

Flashman was a king of metal.

Caminante Nocturno
Has it really been that long since this game was released? Wow.

Anyway, 5 stars for doing my favorite stage music from Megaman 3.
Snakeman's stage was fucking crazy. Awesome music, snakes in the beginning, then a sky level for some reason.

Herr Matthias
I would vote for Spark Man as being the best BGM but HEY WAIT NOT ANOTHER WEDGIE

I liked Shadow Man. It felt like it should have lyrics.

Please, no one write lyrics for it.

not bad. but the voices got old really fast. Making the video pointless... for the music, as it originally appears, is awesome enough on its own - and a 100x better than these voices.

This is the kind of video that inspires people to make a play about Duck Hunt, but fill it full of crappy anime characters instead.
would have been better with real voices rather than recorded ones played through synth.
So this is what it sounds like to my co-workers all day.
Frank Rizzo
japan is incapable of not being annoying as all fucking.
no...this is sweet

Done using vocaloid, a synth that uses actual vocal samples. You can get it too sound fairly realistic, but it takes a lot of time and patience and editing.
I figured they'd patched the emulator to replace the standard synth noise with that vocal clip, and presumably I could download the patch and use it myself in Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong, but I'm probably wrong.

5 stars for the opening theme alone, which is one of the most epic 8-bit themes ever.
It's not fair that your enemies can shoot through walls
The premise is great but it goes on a LOT longer than it needs to without half the variety the title seems to promise
Got old after the first 10 seconds.
And then it got good again.

Jeff Fries
I should know better but I think this is great
this would've gotten an undisputed 5 if it only had the boss fight vocalizing, but I can only manage a -1 for it going on too long.
Needle Man imo
Should of done with the Wily castle theme from Megaman 2
Pie Boy
Those goddamn clouds in Snakeman's stage.
Pie Boy
Those fucking goddamn clouds.

I don't care if it's a synthesizer. I don't care that it's just one stage. All I can think of is the Vib Ribbon rabbit going "bweeeep! boop!" and it's adorable.
I don't know why, but I love this effing video. I keep watching it, over and over. Shine on you crazy Mega Man 3 theme!
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