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Desc:A rich grab bag of schlock
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:70s, horror, Trailers
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Caminante Nocturno
The trailer for Beyond the Door contains spoilers, mainly that what's beyond the door is a cheap, depressing motel room.
And a pretty blatant Exorcist cash-in. Ah, those were the days.

Lady Frankenstein - There actually has been quite a few movies like Lady Frankenstein. Right down to the fake looking "melty face" makeup.

Beyond the Darkness - She was so upset it was enough to drive her through the walls! Ha!

Beyond the Door - Oh goody, not only an Exorcist knock-off but a badly dubbed Italian one!

The Night Child - seen it. Goofy dubbed Italian stuff about a girl who is given an old medallion as a gift then is possessed by the spirit of the child murderess it used to belong to.

Legend of the Wolf Woman - the shocking true story of a century ago, or maybe it is today what with the fashions the actors are wearing but perhaps it was a century ago after all...maybe.

Be sure you're insured because no one wants to see you screaming while making sure your tongue is on display for the camera.

and or "Night of the Oversized Dia de la Meurte Puppet".
a flaming monkey
I love them all! I love YOU all!!!!!!!

Testicles of Doom
I wish I was alive when these were being shown at a run-down drive-in, I bet they were good for a cheap thrill.
70's low budget horror >>> today's low budget horror

I love how all of these cheap horror films are all about location. You can kind of tell how much money they had by the titles, almost.

From most expensive to cheapest:

Town of Blood
The House that Evil Built
The Devil's Bed Chamber
Dr. Fung's Diabolical Anteroom
The Door to Evil
Under the Bed, Above Hell
King of Balls
Baleen, of all the things I love about poetv, I love your comments the very most.

The Night Evelyne Came Out of The Grave, featuring a shockingly mild S&M scene ripped from the pages of Venus in Furs in the first 5 minutes for no apparent reason! Gotta love 70's horror.
Ya know, I always had a hunch Evelyn might be gay...wait, WHAT?!

That insurance thing from the "Living Dead" movies was ripped off from William Castle (they had life insurance policies in case any of the moviegoers died of fright) but I forgot which of his gimmick-laden movies he used it for.
Caminante Nocturno
The Screaming Skull.

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