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Desc:Kidney beans look like kidneys, you see. Why aren't ID's proponents themselves intelligent?
Category:Religious, Science & Technology
Tags:food, stupid, intelligent design, creationism, celery is just like bones
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Comment count is 14
If this is proof of a designer, isn't this just saying that designer is incredibly lazy?
Clearly, the lord intended us to be cannibals. Did you notice that when they got to grapefruit, they didn't name any health benefits. It was good enough that they looked like titties.

Five stars for the description.
Grapefruits look like boobies.
Just sayin'.

Mushrooms look like genital warts.
Rubbing mushrooms on your balls feels great.

The cross section of a kiwi looks like a butthole.
Kiwis are easy to poop out.

Pot leaves look like fingers.
You roll joints with your hands.

Caminante Nocturno
Sure, but if any of us compared grapefruits and tits, we'd be labeled vulgar.

I'm amazed that this is not a trolling video by anti-crawnationalists....

The comments appear to be from people that hate creationists too.
Selective breeding was invented by a monk you guys. A MONK IS THE GUY THAT FUCKED WITH YR LARD SAVIOR.

http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/science/article343415 6.ece

Is the potassium in bananas particularly good for penises?
Why not create a fruit that looks like a little human body, and when you eat it, you live forever?
The coconut is like the human head: it is hairy on the outside, protected by a thick, hard shell, and the insides are milky and go well with curry.
Walt Henderson
Actually, celery is only 0.08% sodium by weight. Nice try, though.
I seen tater chips that look like famous people, does that count?
Nicely forgetting that, of course, much of the present day appearance of fruit and vegetables is thanks to hybrid crossbreeding and genetic modifications from the way they've been farmed for centuries by.....MAN! D'OH!

I also like the visual aids, but noticed there was none for the "female mammary gland." Oh, you Christians.
Just FYI, the Chinese thought tomatoes were poison.

I also want to meet these women who can prevent cervical cancer.
I do not want to see a woman's mammary glands that are leathery like a grapefruit.
Creationists seem to think that a coincidence = evidence.
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