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Desc:That's Your Right
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:Evil, puppets, ATHF, aqua teen hunger force
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Comment count is 23
This video has THREE very important life lessons AND a catchy beat.
Words of advice: it starts out slowly, but it does get very good.
a flaming monkey
I'm so confused.
spastic puppets, 5 star+ for handicapped kaleidescope at 1:19
I knew it was going to happen but it still caught me by surprise.
Not what I expected, exactly.

It's from an Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode if I remember right.


Meatwad is watching it on TV and they included the whole video as an extra on one of the DVDs.

I've got a built-in tin foil hat when it comes to ATHF and all that pertains to it. For all I know there might be a dozen brilliant jokes every minute but they all just reflect off my brain and all I can see and hear is an intensely annoying pile of retarded shit. WHERE'S THE JOKES PLEASE SOMEONE EXPLAIN. I PROMISE I DON'T HAVE ASSBURGERS.
See, it's funny because it is a little puppet singing a cute song, with handicap symbols occasionally flying in the background and then at the end the puppet says something you wouldn't expect a puppet to say.

Mostly Pi
It's more existential than funny. The skit is repetitious, pointless nonsense and at the end, after we've wasted all that time, the puppet reminds us that, regardless of whether or not, we made good use of our time, we WILL die. I think it's supposed to make it funnier that it's a styled as a program for children, because it better highlights the candy-colored facade he hide the horror of our human mortality from children with..

This is the sort of stuff I used to get stoned with my friends. They'd all be guffawing because the puppet said something unexpected and all I could imagine was the grim reaper, giving all my ex-girlfriends high fives.

Well, the random spastic flailings of the puppet are also pretty funny if you ask me.

Gotcha. Glad to find out I'm not just being dumb and am legitimately entitled to my opinion that ATHF is an intensely annoying pile of retarded shit.

I didn't mean to 1-star the clip, though, that was rude of me. Extra spirit star for spinny wheelchairs.
No one's going to hold it against you if you're not into surreal nonsense.
Except for me.

But I love surreal nonsense . . .

First couple times I watched it I thought it was unfunny crap.

Then after watching it some more I realize that the reason it was funny was because it was crap and the characters were all dicks.

Kinda like life.

It's funny in a surreal, stupid way; but it's a different surreal, stupid way than Harvey Birdman, which is hilarious.

It grows on you.

Caminante Nocturno
I think this may have been deliberately made to trick parents into showing to their kids.

I like how they have tons of wheel chair icons spinning around as if the kids without limbs who are watching are going to feel any better about it.
Nice, but that creepy wiggles puppet video puts this video to shame.
Man Who Fights Like Woman
First time I saw this during the episode it took me by surprise. Now that I know the whole thing's on the DVD I've got to buy it.
That's some good TV!
channel 666
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