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Desc:McCain tries to humiliate a young girl, but can only manage a non-answer to her question.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:John McCain, asshole, mccain, election 2008
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Comment count is 27
The point he was trying to make was that legislation's intents and actual results are sometimes quite divergent (such as Prohibition). In this case, he thought the bill would increase likelihood of additional frivolous lawsuits rather than make rights more equal.

I know absolutely zero about the bill they were talking about, so I have no idea whether this was the time to pull out that argument.
Sean Robinson
They were talking about a bill offered by Sen. Kennedy, the Fair Pay Restoration Act (S. 1843), which would overturn the Supreme Court's Ledbetter ruling that determined that pay discrimination suits could only be considered if they were brought within a specified period of time after the first paycheck that reflected discrimination was received, even if the plaintiff continued to suffer pay discrimination after that time.

The legislation the girl was referring to would have effectively reversed a Supreme Court decision that makes it massively difficult for any employee to uncover, much less take legal action against the scale of discriminatory pay that the Ledbetter/Goodyear case was about. Regardless of whether you agree with the act, McCain is a pussy, and falling back on the old "trial lawyers" argument is not really an answer of any substance. So, in essence, the girl had some balls, McCain has to smear her on the Daily Show of all places by lying about what she said. Our brave, brave war hero.
But, he makes great barbecue, so it's not like you'll see anything about this on the news.

Basically, McCain further helped to erode the rights of any and all workers in this country.

Yay for Orwellian terms like "right to work" and "at will employment"!

Billy Buttsex
Hooray for Orwellian terms like "equal opportunity" and "non-discriminatory" that disadvantage white males legally and professionally.

Hooray for Orwellian terms like "tolerance" that really mean persecution of the politically incorrect.

That 14 year old girl needs to keep quiet until she's old enough to read, and then MAYBE she might diverge from what her stoner teachers told her.

It's hard to take your opinion seriously when you are a giant fucking tool who doesn't believe two consenting same-sex adults should be allowed to be legally married to one another. In short; fuck you.

Billy Buttsex

I'm oddeye! I'm mad because Billy Buttsex said a year ago that I can't wear a wedding dress with other guys! It makes me so mad that he has standards that he keeps, and believes that morals apply to people other than himself! I will not agree with ANYTHING ELSE THAT HE SAYS, EVER, BECAUSE HE IRONICALLY DOESN'T APPROVE OF BUTTSEX, BECAUSE I'M A CHILD."

Is it an old person thing to call a fourteen year old girl ma'am? Would 'young lady' be condescending?
ok, what do you think makes you sound older when refering to a teenager, ma'am or young lady?

or are you so old now that you wouldn't know

I like throwing out "home girl" because all broads like being called that.

Oh my god, I don't actually know. I'm 22 so ma'am and young lady really aren't appropriate.


Ignore SolRo, he is a twelve year old boy with a freakishly abnormal Columbian man's head. Beyond his control, his Columbian man's head bobs back and forth incessantly, causing constant dystonic pain to his neck muscles. The medical community has built a unique harness to support the weight of this skull material, while a team of neurologists frequently enter his habitat to attempt to locate his brain cavity (seismographs have proven inconclusive). This is possibly why he is bound to his home, where he spends life in a network of hydraulic feeding tubes, his only succor the constant stream of anime on the wall of screens before him.

This is a great comment, right here. This one right here. I expect this kind of thing from all of you, from now on.

Dinky Patterson
I don't know...how was he supposed to know she was only 14? And he did give her the opportunity to speak her mind--twice.
"I didn't know" isn't a defense. Tee hee.

Dinky Patterson
It was back in his day. Ha hoo.

McCain thinks 14 year old girls are "very attractive." What a creepy old man.
Timothy A. Bear
Actually, he came to her rescue. If you saw the vid before this point, people were trying to block her view from the camera; he picked up on that and decided to give her the stage instead.

Bravo, McCain.
So we're back to blaming "trial lawyers" for everything?

Wow, McCain is totally not a repeat of Bush!

Seriously, McCain is a horrible person.
"very more much articulate than me with answering"

I can sympathize with her though, that was probably terrifying.
I don't know, having seen it, I do applaud him for actually allowing the girl to speak, regardless of what came of it. And he let her do a follow-up too, which is pretty rad, and very very few politicians would have done the same (see: "Don't Taze Me, Bro")

If the message of the week from the McCain campaign is "John McCain seeks an open dialogue", well - I approve the message.
...I guess so. I'm just always surprised at how low the bar is these days. Debating a 14-year old without resorting to overt strongarm tactics... this gets applause now?

yeah, um. -1 star for me actually thinking better of McCain after seeing this.
Dear Jon Stewart: Please stop slobbering all over McCain's knob. He's long since stopped being the guy you liked in 2000.

But uhm, yeah, I didn't see anything about McCain trying to humiliate this dame. He actually handled it okay.
How is it attempting to "humiliate" someone by letting them ask a question regarding the statement on the T-shirt they made to attract attention to themselves?
Rodents of Unusual Size
Jeff Fries
Hi, I'm a feminist in a headscarf and you fell for my trap
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