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Desc:She tells it like it is!
Category:General Station
Tags:bush, really, Liberals, annoying, young yet wise
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Comment count is 37
StanleyPain - 2008-05-26
This girl is either massively stupid (which is likely) or one of the most brilliant trolls on YouTube. Her videos and her profile look like a great troll, but problem is, so many kids are so fucking stupid nowadays, it's hard to tell.
Adramelech - 2008-05-26
I'm going troll here judging by some of the over the top/passive aggressive wording used. However, it's awesome.
baleen - 2008-05-26

Ahh, the grandiose, flamboyant stupidity of the modern conservative purified into a single tiny package of dry cunt.
voodoo_pork - 2008-05-26
I always put dry cunt on my dongburgers.

Billy Buttsex - 2008-05-27
I will pretend that a 15 year old girl is the voice of modern conservatives. Then I will make fun of her. This will, in effect, make me feel as a superior!

futurebot - 2008-05-27
It is, and it does.

Exegesis_Saves - 2008-05-26
Oh dearest Vishnu, this hyperactive pre-teen is to neo-conservatism as VenomFangX is to the baby Jesus.

Exegesis_Saves - 2008-05-26
Misnomer: "Grace"

GoneGirl - 2008-05-26
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-05-26
Oh my god, like, for sure, like totally. And like New Orleans should move out of the way guys god.

It's good to know that the young people of this country are so concise. Thank god we have her scientific expertise at our disposal.
citrusmirakel - 2008-05-26
If you find yourself completely failing in structured and reasoned debates where uninformed strawman absolutist arguments get you called on your various errors, why not take your problems to the internet!? Camera lenses never call you on your shit.

And here comes the 4channers to YouTube to make sure the whole thing has an even demi-glace of stupid. "4chan, bitch! YOU GOT OWNED!"
Frank Rizzo - 2008-05-26
like like uh.... fakery and like stuff you know right?
Mike Tyson?! - 2008-05-26
This is Enjoy.
chumbucket - 2008-05-26
give her 5 or six years more, lose the glasses, let the hair down and you have a whole new video log where no one really cares about what she's saying
Species - 2008-06-17

revdrew - 2008-05-26
I'm leaning towards troll.
Stog - 2008-05-26
Hair down, glasses on.

Hair up, glasses off.

I can still see light coming in through the door.
tamago - 2008-05-26
Five stars right there

uekibachi - 2008-05-26
her voice made me want to stab her toy manatee.

i hope it was fake otherwise seeing her generation inherit the country will be a very scary thing.
Cleaner82 - 2008-05-26
This girl has it all figured out.
Camonk - 2008-05-26
I'm joinin' the troll camp, cause nobody who still likes bush can use a computer.
Cleaner82 - 2008-05-26
But in this fine new generation, any primate who can learn to use her thumbs can at least use a computer to blog.

Eroticus E - 2008-05-26
Now I understand why not to be a liberal. She's right - we are pretty annoying.
tamago - 2008-05-26
Probably a troll, but I had a coworker who thought almost exactly like this girl.
Penumbric Twat - 2008-05-27
"How can you blame Bush for the weather? He doesn't control the weather!"

This can't be stupidity, I opine that the whole charade is merely a work of genius! It's structured so perfectly, one can infer she debates regularly with vacant preteens to sharpen her arguments.
Cleaner82 - 2008-05-27
Obviously any internets can be fake internets, but I see no reason this girl can't simply be grotesquely stupid. She seems bright enough, maybe she'll unstupid later. Or... of course... maybe not.

Hooker - 2008-05-27
I'm a liberal and I was offended by this. I shouldn't have watched.
The God of Biscuits - 2008-05-27
Boy, I feel annoying just watching this.
numb - 2008-05-27
Doctor Arcane - 2008-05-27
Troll. "President Bush is the bomb"
Billy Buttsex - 2008-05-27
tamago - 2008-05-27
What if you're for killing baby terrorists?

Rudy - 2008-05-27
Because... anyway!
Pie Boy - 2008-07-30
Troll, no neo-con would ever say "Everybody just needs to chill out".
phalsebob - 2008-10-17

FineFilter - 2008-12-02
She's pretty liberal with the word "really."

*da-dum chhh*

Tip your waitress.
zerobackup - 2009-04-25
I can't stand listening to this person talk for more than 45 seconds. Troll or not.
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