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Desc:Tonight is what it means to be young.
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Rock Opera, final fight, streets of fire, walter hill
Submitted:King of Balls
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Comment count is 14
What the hell is this, and why hadn't I heard of it before.
Raoul Duke 138
Fast-forward past the musical number and it's actually a pretty great movie.

Or watch it with the musical numbers and suffer.

Billy the Poet
Yeah. It's profoundly strange, but all of the non-Stenman music is dross. It's beggng for a remake with a better soundtrack.

I mean, they had Lee Ving, why didn't they use him? Or let Defoe sing. I don't care f he's good.

Billy the Poet
My "i" key s clearly malfunctioning, sn't t?

Walt Henderson
They should have used the soundtrack from The Matrix.

Innocent Bystander
Boy was it ever the eighties.
King of Balls
Legend has it that this movie inspired the original Final Fight game. It's also the greatest movie I've ever, ever seen.
Is that Fareed Zakaria at 0:05?

Dafoe - L O L
He has the best entrance ever in this.

I actually kind of like this movie. It's this weird neo-apocalyptic, stylized tribute to..uh....something, with a strange 50's gang musical slant on parts of it.
Dunno..I thought it was kind of interesting when it came out.
Caminante Nocturno
At what point in the film does Rick Moranis pile-drive someone?
The McK
I actually like that song. Despite the lyrics contradicting themselves (Seriously, you couldn't go for "But we COULD BE going nowhere fast"?)

Also downloading the hell out of it, natch.
The McK
Fuck, ignore that.

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