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Desc:She's doing it wrong.
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:ice, ghost ride, doing it wrong, ghost ride the whip, must have been caspers sister driving
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Comment count is 25
Maggot Brain
Lol at that casper joke. That bitch is crazy.
Iron Xides
Ghost riding can be deadly!
when she uses her face as a snowplough her screams get all muffled
Caminante Nocturno
I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have found it as funny if I'd seen it in person.
Jesus Christ, that was terrifying.
Testicles of Doom
Maximum Overdrive has come to our reality, people!
Missing Patrick Swayze tag.
I'm five-starring this just because I hate you and think you should shut up.

Driver: "Hey that was fun, let's go again!"
lol women
what a pussy bitch, passing out like that after they pulled her free.
Dupe. This is someplace in Turkey, actually.
The trick of this video is figuring out what order it appeared on Youtube, CNN, Crazecar.blogspot.com, and whatever that logo is in the upper right corner.
j lzrd / swift idiot
One day, the internet will be nothing but one video which has beaten every other video for the #1 Most Viewed Ever. It will be a compilation of all the remixes of what used to be the #1 Most Viewed Ever, and it will be 72 hours long.

The borders of this video will contain a smudgey mess of overlapping watermarks at least one hundred deep.

It will be like those 4chan wars where someone will take a screenshot of a thread, post it in that thread with a slight edit, which starts a descent into madness, until the original screenshot becomes less than one pixel in size. Like what happens when you hold a mirror facing a mirror.

Also it is my sworn duty to make this future a reality, just so we can finally get a real petition along the lines of "The Internet is over: We lost. Go home."

Fuck. That terrified me. I can take a lot but damn.
Binro the Heretic
Jesus! the driver could have put it in reverse or at least put on the brakes. It might not have stopped the car, but might have at least slowed it down some.

The whole time, the wheels are spinning forward.

Horrifying. Truly horrifying.
Mike Tyson?!
Ha ha, I know more about driving in snow than you and I live in Florida.

So does Binro.

Magical Man from Happy-Land
lol women ghost riders
lol. She's supposed to be inside the car.
How the fuck did this happen?
"Welp, I better go sit down in front of this car that is sliding in the snow."

I feel horrible for lol'ing at this...
Dinky Patterson

Not exactly a dupe, but an abridged version of the original submission, which is now a dead link.

I don't know what this "ghost ride" stuff is about. The woman was walking and fell in the road with her baby, and then another pedestrian snatched the baby bag before the mother was hit. Someone was behind the wheel of the car, but it was in a skid. The woman only suffered minor injuries.
I probably would have found this a lot more funny if they'd edited 'Tell me where to go' or 'Ghostride it' over the top. Same goes for a lot of car accidents, actually.
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