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Desc:Luxembourg's absurd entry. They did not win but somehow got 56 points.
Category:Humor, Classic TV Clips
Tags:penguin, eurovision, penguins, papa pingouin, luxembourg
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Comment count is 10

There is something dark and fascist about that terrible choice in set design.
And to think this was shot at the Hague.
This could have been the theme song to Linux.

I'm glad it didn't turn out that way.
Sean Robinson
This is the soundtrack of every rape ever committed. FUN FACT NO. 40983

Your rating should be FIVE RAPE STARS.

Aren't those jumpsuits the alien uniforms from V?

The song is about how delicious penguins are.
Trivia about penguin man: He gave them 5,000 francs each and screwed them over big time, as they never saw another dime. This single apparently sold a million copies.
Yes. One MILLION copies.

This came in 4th place.

Then again, consider what they were up against.

Wow I've actually seen that. 1980 must have been the best eurovision ever. And don't anybody tell me that stupid finnish metal band was the best year ever because I saw that coming. It actually inspired me to write this:

white scarved Belgians,
swayed in the wind,
and wore beards on their faces.

long before Europe became
a place with no name,
just bridges built into infinite places.

Big Name Celebrity
Why does the giant mobile installation look like a quadrisected computer mouse?

It's like teleological Luddism or something....

-1 star for the fucking song sticking in my head, making me kill.
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