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Desc:Now I know where Furutama got that Leela Amy wrestling scene from
Category:Classic TV Clips, Arts
Tags:star trek, TNG, Camel Toe
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Resubmit:big pincers

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Comment count is 21
Bouncing while stretching is bad and can lead to injury.
It's also awesome and can lead to boners.

Though not when their hair is this huge.

This episode is from 1989. Of course the hair is gigantic.

Truly the thinking man's television show.
When I was a kid, I remember telling people Star Trek TNG was too cerebral for some viewers.

THATS RIGHT none of this Seven of Nine pandering for THIS series.
Syd Midnight
The T&A for fanboys got better and better as the franchise moved along. Yeoman Rand and Councilor Troi are inferior nerd wank fodder compared to Seven and T'Pol.

Sorry, but I'll stick with Nichelle Nichols, Ashley Judd and Gates McFadden over those later trumped up harridans, thank you very much!

Hugo Gorilla
You would think with her empathic powers Troi would be constantly disgusted with men.

I think she's got like an on/off switch, otherwise she'd be disgusted by every freaky deak alien she came across.


set vaginas on stun!
Is it just me or do I see balls in there?

I see balls everywhere. I see balls on the morning sun. I see balls on the face of every mother. I see balls on Beverley Crusher and Diana Troi. Most importantly though voodoo_pork, I see balls on you.

What room is this? Did they just throw some mirrors up in the hallway? Does the Enterprise have a dedicated room for sexy stretching?
The observation deck. And just think, by the 24th century they'll have little nanobots to clean up all the nasty stains.

You mean you don't have a sexy stretching room in your home?

I remember a number of camel toe shots involving Troi.
Furutama? He's that crazy Japanese hentai artist, right?
Tuan Jim
Yay, Beverley Crusher.
Caminante Nocturno
Fanservice. It would be perfect if they weren't so...

... I don't know...

... Developed?
Man, I was seriously expecting CO-PRODUCER: WENDY NUESS to pop up at the end.

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