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Desc:Behold the glory of the Rail Way Rifle.
Category:Video Games, Trailers
Tags:RPG, fallout 3, Super duper mart, Power Fist, Critical hits
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Comment count is 16
Power Fist or Rail Way Gun?

Why must life torture me with such difficult questions?

Why oh why can't you dual wield those beautiful, beautiful weapons? I want to punch a railroad nail through a dude's chest.

Duel Wielding?

That's now on my mod list...

Along with Psionics & cryptic alliances.

Good thing he's cautious, I'd hate to have something go wrong.

It looks like they've done a good job of bringing elements of combat from the last 2 games into the new system of this game.

Does the railway gun actually make that choo-choo noise every time you fire it or was that just thrown into the clip for effect?
You know I completely failed to notice that. It could be the sound of the hydraulics working, fashioned of course intentionally into a fanciful 'toot toot' sound.

Goethe and ernie
Holy fucking shit. When the stuff about the paused/turn-based combat stuff came out, everyone turned their noses up, but... dude. You can punch someone's head off in slo-mo.
I am not convinced this is really Fallout.
Is that because it's too awesome?

Frankly, and speaking as a Fallout fan, I don't care what the hell this is, aside from 'something I want to play the shit out of'.

It reminds me of Oblivion, Half-Life 2, Deus Ex, and a whole bunch of other games that aren't Fallout.

Also, Camonk enjoys the hot, throbbing taste of Diet Cock.

It isn't 1997 anymore.

Computer games have evolved a great deal. It would appear that Bethesda has dealt with Fallout 1&2's many faults.

Get on the bus or watch it drive off without you...

Oh so that's a huge yes. It is too awesome. Because it doesn't slavishly copy some let's face it pretty shitty games from a hundred years ago, it must not be "fallout." Well, fine with me. Fallout is dead. Long live Fallout.

Unfortunately I swore an oath on my life never to play a game that wasn't 'really' Fallout, no matter what its title or quality. Such a shame, because it means I haven't been able to play any games at all since 1998, and have missed out on a decade of masterpieces like this game here. I assume that kelpfoot is in a similar situation.

Stay strong, my brother! Do not forsake your oath!

Its a fun game. gets boring after a while. this is showing you the absolute most fun you can have, pretty much

fun fact: super duper mart is probably the best mission in the game.
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