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Desc:This is everyone who lives within 50 miles of me.
Tags:Public Access, church, pentecostals, Speaking in Tongues, tennessee
Submitted:Daniel Striped Tiger
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Comment count is 15
Tuan Jim
oh man, the pogoing woman.
The spirit of the lord will not be mocked!

Okay, maybe just a little.
I encourage anyone, especially if you are not christian, to go to a Pentecostal church at least once, they are twice as entertaining in person.
be sure to bring your jar of strychnine and a snake!

Been there. Done that.

It was a hoot.

wtf japan
They're usually small enough such that your presence as a stranger will be noticed, so one of two things will happen: a) they will feel self-conscious and tone down the craziness (it's still pretty entertaining to hear people sheepishly speak in tongues) or b) they'll feel compelled to impress you and turn it up to 11.

I've experienced both scenarios and enthusiastically echo facek's recommendation.

I love how everyone else stands around, bored out of their tits, as pogo-woman wanders around for an interminable period going "WHOOOOO, MA-MA-MA-MA-MA-MA"

Even Pentacostal crazies have their limits, apparently. "Susan, honey, you can stop now."
Yea they clearly want to go on with the service

This makes me want to go to a service and test how long I can hop around whooping before I'm asked to leave.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I give him props for being able to laugh at all of this 'cause I would be utterly depressed if I lived there =\
This is what happens when you give religion to peasants.
Menudo con queso
I know exactly how that feels: trying to get the mosh pit started but no one's gutsy enough to join in.
Back in school I used to take a class or two from a pentacostal guy. I had always thought 'speaking in tongues' meant to be filled with the Spirit and be endowed with the power to speak other languages. Not to babble like a fucking goon, as he revealed to me to my disappointment.
I was going to five-star it when I noticed how ugly the keyboard player was, but then pogo-lady started pacing back and forth, and she really deserves these stars.
I used to live in Stonewall, OK and it was exactly like this. Though I never saw anyone spinning around saying WOOOOOO MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA.

So you win.
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