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Desc:no batty boy
Tags:Bible, gay, dancehall, Jamaica, sizzla
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Comment count is 20
Christmas is crucifixion time? Okay, then.
merry crucifixion

How is it that Jamaica manages to be the single most homophobic nation in the world?
Because of Rastafarianism.

Billy the Poet
Buju Banton used to mouth off to this effect too. I think it's because the queers prefer disco.

Man now I can't like Jamaica anymore.

"One love...One love... Lets, get, together and, beeeat the fags to death."

This isn't an isolated wacko. Gays and lesbians in Jamaica, and those accused as such, have to live in fear under a government that condones their rapes and murders. Mob beatings of accused homosexuals are common, even among schoolchildren.
dude, i saw that oprah episode also

What's oprah?

Ever notice how similar the words nigger and faggot are?
Frank Rizzo
Is this english? seriously...
Comrade Admiral
no. it's Jamaican creole.

Hugo Gorilla
Five stars for the Gay Ebony Dating banner ad.
I used to have no problems with gay people. I never had any real contact with them. then at my new job I work with 4 and they are all douches and way too effeminate and flamboyant for my taste. it has kind of made me dislike them a little. limp wrist rule though.

also, I say faggot all the time. not to justify it, even if I really cared if it offended anyone, I just equate faggot to punk. when I hear faggot, I think of a punk bitch
Just replace the words "gay" "effeminate" and "faggot" with any other group of people and slur, and ask yourself if something sounds wrong with that statement.

no, not at all. if they weren't overly flamboyant and shit, how would you even know they were gay unless they told you or you saw them put their penis in another man's butt? I have no problem with them being gay, I just can't stand annoying motherfuckers

Fair enough. And thanks for being for writing like an illiterate, over-compensating 13 year-old. Otherwise, it would be harder to know who the inbred morons are.

You shouldn't take offense, its just that I and everyone else equates 'juiceboxtheeverliving' to a developmentally challenged cousin-fucker. I don't have a problem with you being a useless pile of gibbering spunk though; I just can't stand people polluting the gene pool.

Poor Excuse
That hat is gay.
Goethe and ernie
Oh, a homophobic Jamaican.
j lzrd / swift idiot
That was enlightening.
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