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Desc:math and cooking come together in a delicious and educational way!
Category:Educational, General Station
Tags:Chef, math, noodles, atoms, im hungry now
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Comment count is 17
dr_rock - 2008-10-06
In my developer phone screen quiz, I always start out with "how many bits are in a byte?" followed by "ok, how many kilobytes are in 4 megabytes?" ... the second question usually gets either "4 thousand" or the correct "4096," although there are other arguable answers.

You would be surprised how many developers applying get the first question wrong.
Ho0ber - 2008-10-07
The technical definition of a byte isn't explicitly 8 bits, it is just by far the most common meaning. There are several computers from "back in the day" which use a non-8-bit-byte. You could always ask how many bits are in an octet, but any idiot could figure that out from the prefix (even idiots who don't know how many bits are usually in a byte).

That being said, I doubt anyone who answers anything but 8 is worth hiring, unless they follow it up with a good explanation.

And yes, though it wouldn't be the first answer I would give, I would accept 4000 as the answer to your second questions. If you want to be explicit, use the binary only prefixes mebi- and kibi- (even though they sound pretty stupid).


dr_rock - 2008-10-09
Yeah, I am perfectly fine with 4,000. Like I said, these are the first two questions of MANY. I quickly get to the heavy stuff after that, but damn if it doesn't save me a lot of time when some jerkoff gets the first two wrong. I humor them with the first ten questions or so and stop the screen after that. Once a guy answered '16' for the first and then '6,000' for the second. I still can't figure out how he got 6,000.

I love it when I say "explain to me, without examples, what polymorphism is" ... "ummmmm" ... then silence ... then a textbook perfect definition. Yes, asshole, I heard you looking it up in that book. Page flipping is a rather distinct and familiar sound.

Someone at work told me a story the other day where they were going to hire as FTE an Indian contractor (remotely, in India). He arranged to have the interview via the Polycom video conference setup. When he interviewed the guy, he could see that there were about 8 other guys in the conference room with the interviewee, mostly off camera. When he asked a technical question, these phantoms would be answering them on the interviewee's behalf while the guy mimed as if he was talking. I mean, WTF?

RedHood - 2008-10-06
I love math and I love noodles.
Frank Rizzo - 2008-10-07
needs more yancancook
fluffy - 2008-10-07
There was a Jackie Chan movie in which he played a chef, and in the very beginning of the movie he did this only much more awesomely, because of course he is Jackie motherfucking Chan. But this is still pretty awesome.
kennydra - 2008-10-07
There was another video, I thought it was here, of a guy making dragon's beard CANDY and it was way more awesome than this. I can't find it though.
Blaise - 2008-10-07
It's very fine.
major-_-turnon - 2008-11-02

petep - 2009-02-18

dementomstie - 2008-10-07
I want atom thick noodles now.
dementomstie - 2008-10-07
also, it takes 42 foldings to make atom noodles.
OK, I'm done being an OCD Hitchhiker's Fanboy

Big Beef Burritos Supreme - 2008-10-07
one day, science will provide them

Screwtape - 2008-10-13
What's the point? One nanosecond later and you're hungry again.

Cube - 2008-10-07
Combining science and art rocks.
Camonk - 2008-10-07
The noodles and math are great, really. But all my stars are for the announcer making an audible difference between halving and having.
Knuckles - 2008-10-07
But what if I want 4097 noodles?
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