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Desc:somebody made a working calculator in Little Big Planet
Category:Video Games
Tags:Aspergers, little big planet, pshaw let the gamers make their own game
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Comment count is 37
Watch the whole video to understand the Aspergers tag. It'll make sense halfway through.
Very appropriate Aspergers tag. Not actually too impressive until you reach the 1:00 mark and see exactly what had to be built... All those wires... My God.
Once again, five for poeTV's "Good at something = autism/aspegers/idiot savant/etc." series. On its own merits, though, this video is about a two.
Unmerciful Crushing Force
Well, to be fair, it's usually good at something useless that can only be enjoyed it's utterly useless splendor = aspergers. It's like Einstein figures out the theory of relativity which while novel actually has many very interesting and useful implications versus a two-function calculator in a video game I've never heard of that can probably only be used in dude's PS3 anyways.

People that build models in their spare time all have Aspergers.

Unmerciful Crushing Force
Build a model = Not aspergers.
Build 2000 models = Not aspergers.
Build 2000 models, create histories for each of them, how they got together, and then believe that this is all 100% real and make a website about them - aspergers.

There, happy?

I wonder if he gets to keep this after the beta is over.

Ulillillia should get obsessed with this game in about 15 years from now.


Godard's Drinking Problem
Someone should have told him he can just press F12.

There should be a 'Buy Ulillillia a PS3 and LBP fund'.
If Ulillillia ever gets his hands on this I fear he might destroy us all.

Moustache McGillicuddy
I can scarcely conceive of how it is possible for someone to be so utterly immersed in creating something that will obviously be used by no one.

regardless, it is quite a tremendous fucking feat.
a flaming monkey
yep, all that stuff is inside every calculator. Even more for ones that can do more than just add and substract!!!
Cute, but I prefer the Calcu-Corn for my urban engineering purposes.
+5 for dude using foliage for a hat.
At first it's cute but when the inner workings are revealed it becomes deeply unsettling, like in Se7en where they start going through his notebooks.
or seeing a wall of polaroids

Wasn't all of this basically covered already by Rocky's Boots and Robot Odyssey back in the early-mid 1980s?

Jeff Fries
The key component of any calculator is the little guy who runs around inside pulling levers.
well, thats not very impressi- HOLY SHIT
Sean Robinson
This is extraordinary and wonderful. Complaining that it doesn't have a utilitarian function despite requiring a great deal of work is either lazy to the point that the idea of expending any effort on a hobby or artistic endeavour seems incomprehensible or humourless to the point of autism.
Thank you.

Godard's Drinking Problem
Thank you, my nigger

This seems almost needlessly complicated even for a mechanical calculator. There was a video on here about a "pepper grinder" calculator that was much more simple. LBP probably has some pretty big limitations though, so given the medium, this is kind of amazing.
Autism or whatever, dude had a vision and made it happen.
Don't make Hooker mad!

*shakes fist*

Ok so if you build a turing machine inside of Little Big Planet that is capable of running Little Big Planet, Turing's ghost comes out of the TV and gives you a gin and tonic.


I'm glad you had the good taste not to make that an appletini.

Little Big Planet running... Little Big... Pl


This is probably the raddest thing I have ever seen.
Godard's Drinking Problem
I want to add, I'm incredibly happy almost 300,000 people have watched this on YouTube. It gives a vindication for the existence of the technology that allowed this man to build that.

On a related note, I'm drunk.
Trials evolution is better and does more with the editor.
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