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Desc:So that's what he looks like...
Category:Video Games, Crime
Tags:Aspergers, Gaming in the Clinton Years, virtual boy
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Comment count is 18
Hmm... Vintage E3 footage. Could actually be for real?
This group is real. How much convincing do you need?

I'm still not convinced that Virtual Boy is real.

Unmerciful Crushing Force
He looks and sounds like David Lynch's evil younger brother.

Found a store recently that had a Virtual Boy for playing and it had Wario Land inside. It actually looks pretty damn cool in action.
*mel kiper, jr.'s evil, younger brother.

my neighbor bought one, and it was pretty damn cool until you actually tried playing it. red and black eye rape and blindness machine.

j lzrd / swift idiot
"Teleroboxing" was awesome. I can say that I rented a VirtuaL Boy back in the day.
Caminante Nocturno
Ow, my eyes. Ow.
:44 seconds in
"Do it gently, from the back."
Frank Rizzo
"...spread it open, set it firmly on the table with the feet facing forward for support"

I hate this man

His Hair
Thanks Mr manual
I get the feeling he calls is head "Head Unit" and his neck "Support Bracket"

"Doctor, I think I puled a muscle today in my support bracket. I turned my head unit too quick, and now my grappling appendages hurt when I lift them."
ok I'm convinced, this guy has GOT to be the IT admin at some office location. the voice, the way he "instructs" and what I can only imagine to be a very short supply of patience with people who "don't get it". I can just hear that voice going "how can you not know how much RAM you have???"
Weird. I was picturing someone younger and more rat-like.
nice misuse of led vs. lcd.
The virtual boy used leds. He got it right.
What you should be mocking is his mispronunciation of 'Teleroboxer'

This makes setting up a Virtual Boy look really hard.
Oh god the hair.
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